PT MSM Supports Reliable Soldiers Candidates, Grants Land to the Indonesian Navy
PT MSM Supports Reliable Soldiers Candidates, Grants Land to the Indonesian Navy

Besides having maritime potential with most of its territory surrounded by sea, North Sulawesi also has human resources to be educated to become reliable marine soldiers.

This was conveyed by the Chief of Staff of the Navy (KSAL), Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, while witnessing the signing of the land grant and laying the groundwork for the construction of the Navy Education Unit (Satdik), in Rinondoran village, East Likupang District, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Thursday ( 15/9) ago.

“I hope that with the construction of Satdik 4, there will be more recruits from the North Sulawesi region to become Jalasena Samudera,” said KSAL.

The signing of the land grant with an area of ​​approximately 16.9 hectares was carried out between the President Director of PT Meares Soputan Mining (“PT MSM”), David Sompie, and the Commander of Lantamal VIII Manado, First Admiral TNI Nouldy J. Tangka, in the Satdik development area.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT MSM, David Sompie explained, the process of granting land for the construction of the Indonesian Navy Satdik has started six months ago, including giving permission to the Indonesian Navy to start the development phase after coordinating with the Governor of North Sulawesi Province, Olly Dondokambey, who also supports the presence of this Satdik.

“PT MSM has always been committed to participate in various government programs, including the development of human resources in North Sulawesi. This is also very helpful for the Company regarding labor. Therefore, PT MSM sees the presence of the Satdik as a solution in terms of accommodating all job seekers from around the mine,” said Sompie.

Considering 8 of the 13 villages and sub-districts surrounding the mine are located on the coast and have a maritime culture, therefore, Sompie hopes that this opportunity can be utilized properly by residents who meet the requirements to become Indonesian Navy soldier.

Sompie also added that the land grant to the Indonesian Navy was an offering from PT Archi Indonesia Tbk, the parent company of PT MSM, for Indonesia. This moment also coincides with the 12th Anniversary of PT Archi Indonesia Tbk.

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