Archi upholds Health as one of its social contribution programs to the public, especially for its surrounding community. The high standard of health and safety policy and programs implemented by the Company has been recognized with the attainment of “Utama” Award from Director General Mineral & Coal Resources of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) and has been certified with ISO 18001 / ISO 45001.

These programs include:

First 1000 Day Life Program

Stunting or stunted growth in toddlers is one of the health problems that Indonesian Government wants to eradicate. For this reason, Archi took part in the “1000 First Days of Life” program. This program aims to guarantee the completeness of nutrition, immunization, and vaccinations received by infants on the first 1000 days. In carrying out this program, Archi collaborated with Positive Deviance Resource Center (PRDC), an institution under the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Public Health (FKM-UI). The monitoring of this program was assisted by the Sam Ratulangi University Public Health Faculty. To complement this program, Archi is collaborating with the Ministry of Health, developing a Supplementary Food Supplement program for children and toddlers. This is to ensure the creation of a healthy “Gold” generation. Around 24 villages around the mine were enthusiastic about participating and benefiting from this program.

Integrated Service Post (Posyandu)

The existence of an Emergency Unit (ER) is important in health services. Therefore, Archi assists in the construction of Emergency Room Services at the Likupang Timur Posyandu. This was done with the aim of providing a rapid response to the affected communities. Without this, people have to travel long enough to access similar services.

Disaster Response Team

Indonesia’s existence in the Ring of Fire makes natural disasters quite a common thing. Archi through the “Toka Emergency Response Team (TERT)” has become a mainstay of the local community in dealing with natural disasters. Archi participated in the post-earthquake handling in Lombok and Palu. The Emergency Response Team was sent to these 2 locations in the context of the recovery phase after the disaster of the great earthquake that hit the place. TERT exists as part of the company’s Emergency Response Plan. More than one hundred of member is made up of employees drawn from most areas of the operation include contractors. Regular training sessions involve responding to emergency scenarios which are planned to test the team’s initiative, skills, response times and ability to competently carry out rescues while under pressure and close scrutiny. The team is required to maintain skills in the following different disciplines:


  • First aid
  • Fire fighting
  • Rescue at height and depth (rope haulage, abseiling)
  • Heavy mobile equipment rescue
  • Hazardous chemical emergency response
  • Open circuit breathing apparatus
  • Water or diving rescue

As part of Archi’s commitment to the community and government, a relationship has been established with local emergency services and ESDM. TERT always takes part in any ESDM emergency response to the national emergency situation. The last three emergency events in which TERT participated were Lombok Earthquake, Palu Earthquake & Tsunami and Tsunami in Sunda Strait last year. In order to maintain a consistent skill development, Archi always supports TERT to participate in Indonesia Fire & Rescue Challenge every year.