Archi Indonesia, Won the Highest Award in Mining Safety Aspect
Archi Indonesia, Won the Highest Award in Mining Safety Aspect

Friday, 30 September 2022

Jakarta – Two subsidiaries of PT Archi Indonesia Tbk (“Archi” or the “Company”; IDX: ARCI), namely PT Meares Soputan Mining (“PT MSM”) and PT Tambang Tondano Nusajaya (“PT TTN”), received various awards from the Ministry Energy and Mineral Resources (“ESDM”). PT MSM once again won Aditama’s highest award in Mining Safety Management Aspect. The award was announced at the 2022 Good Mining Practices Award (GMP) award event, on Thursday (29/09), at the Bidakara hotel, Jakarta.

In this event, PT MSM and PT TTN won awards in three aspects for Contract of Work (KK) holders, namely, Standardization and Mining Services Business Aspects, Mining Safety Management Aspects and Mining Environmental Management Aspects. These three awards were received by the Director of Operations of PT MSM and PT TTN, Scott G. Atkinson.

For the Standardization and Mining Services Business Aspects, PT MSM and PT TTN won the Pratama (Bronze) award, for the Mining Safety Management Aspect, PT TTN received the Main (Silver) award while PT MSM won the Aditama (Gold) award. Meanwhile, for the Mining Environmental Management Aspect, PT MSM and PT TTN both won the Main (Silver) award.

Director of Technical and Environmental Minerals and Coal, Directorate General of Coal Minerals, Sunindyo Suryo Herdadi, ST, MT stated that, the Good Mining Practices Award is a routine activity that is carried out every year.

"This award is an activity to evaluate performance and success in applying good mining engineering principles to mineral and coal mining business activities. This activity is also intended to give appreciation and motivation to all mining companies holding KK, PKP2B, UP and UPK as well as IUJP so that they can compete -competition to excel in applying the rules of good mineral and coal mining techniques," said Sunindyo.

Sunindyo hopes that all mining business actors will continue to carry out mining operations in accordance with the principles of applying good mineral and coal mining techniques and become a benchmark for the government for the success of fostering supervision of technical and environmental aspects of mining business activities.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT MSM and PT TTN, David Sompie expressed his pride and gratitude for the appreciation given by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

“We are proud of the government's appreciation of the performance of PT MSM and PT TTN. Thank you to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, more specifically the Director General of Mineral and Coal who continues to provide guidance so that companies can implement good mining practices in mining operations at the Toka Tindung Gold Mine,” said Sompie.

According to Sompie, this award is a sign of the hard work of all employees and is expected to maintain and even further improve the implementation of good mining practices in the operations of these two companies.

For Archi Indonesia, this award is a testament to Archi's commitment to implementing good mining engineering principles at the Toka Tindung Gold Mine. “PT Archi Indonesia Tbk is very grateful and proud of the achievements of PT MSM and PT TTN through the awards received. This is in line with Archi's commitment to always uphold good corporate governance (GCG) practices and implement high standards related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies," said Harry Margatan Sopandi, Corporate Secretary of PT Archi Indonesia Tbk. Furthermore, Harry said that Archi would continue to be committed to improving good mining engineering principles.

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