Economic growth and prosperity of a region will not be achieved without adequate infrastructure. Therefore, Archi actively participates in the construction of local infrastructure. Since it began operating in 2011, Archi has built various infrastructures such as the following:

Clean Water Program

Water is life, and clean water is health” – Audrey Hepburn

Access to clean water is the key to reducing the risk of disease, breaking the cycle of poverty, and increasing productivity from the community. Archi in collaboration with Water Supply and Community Based Sanitation (PAMSIMAS) and local community leaders, has built access to clean water in 10 villages around the mine. Until mid-2018, around 8,197 people have received direct benefits from this program. At present, there are around 4 villages that are still in the process of being finalized until 2020. Some villages that have received the benefits of this program are collaborating again with Archi to distribute clean water to their livestock businesses. This is expected to have a beneficial effect on their livelihoods, while ensuring their long-term prosperity.

Bridges and Road Access

Since 2011, Archi, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and local villages, has been actively working to increase access from all villages to the main roads and also the capital city. This was achieved by the construction of new roads, new bridges and other facilities. For example, Archi has built two bridges in the villages of Kalinaun and Pinasungkulan. The presence of these two bridges not only benefits both villages, but also benefits the community in five surrounding villages. Archi has also built many new road access routes. One of the accesses built is road access to Pulisan Beach. Pulisan Beach itself is a natural area and has world-class coral reefs. The presence of this road access has helped increase the number of tourists visiting it, so that 83 families from surrounding villages can get stable income from tourism.

Archi will continue to build other infrastructures, with the main goal being to improve people’s lives through better access to important facilities such as markets, health facilities and educational facilities. With the development of basic infrastructure, Archi believes that this will encourage an increase in economic activity and will ultimately improve the welfare of the community.