Archi plays an active role in increasing economic activities of communities around the mine. The results of the initial audit showed that many families around the mine did not have regular income. Therefore, Archi cooperates with related institutions, provides technical assistance / training. In addition to training, Archi also channeled capital in the form of interest-free micro loans in order to encourage local people to start their own businesses.

Archi has also transferred the procurement of some mining goods to local businesses, formed three groups of pig farmers, and made garment cooperatives and transferred uniform procurement to the cooperative.

Micro Economy Development

Archi are in the process of creating new businesses opportunities to assist the community in achieving sustainable economic growth and employment. The original audit demonstrated that many families in the region had no steady income. Archi are providing technical assistance/training incorporated with the relevant institutions and provide initial start-up capital in the form of no-interest micro-loans to get them started.

Mine Consumables Production

Within the community, six groups of core box and core tray production operations have formed and been trained to produce core box/core trays which is needed by Archi and previously imported from Java. The core box/core tray is the metal container that is being used by the Exploration/Geology Department to save/keep the core samples. The groups also produced kitchen utensils to respond the market demand. A total of 36 families are employed by core box and core tray producers.

Garment Cooperative

Due to the shortage of tailors in the affected area, Archi collaborated with the Government and villages to form a tailor cooperative which consists of 31 members. The members were trained on how to make patterns, how to sew and how to make accessories on the shirts and pants. They have now got steady incomes from the orders for school uniforms, as well as Company and contractor uniforms. They are now expanding into the production of Calico bags.

Pig Breeding

The need for pork is high in North Sulawesi and, potentially, is a large export market for the neighboring PRC. To meet the needs of the local market, Archi formed three groups of pig breeders. Archi collaborated with an experienced breeder from South Minahasa to train the group members. The groups started to raise 100 piglets (mid-2018) and have succeeded in raising them. The groups sell the adult pigs and buy piglets to raise and resell – the initial plan, in conjunction with the clean water supply project, is to sustainably maintain annual production levels of 2,000 pigs by the end of 2020.