Gold Minting Bars

Name of Company

PT Elang Mulia Abadi Sempurna

Company Information

Year Established


Business Activities

Wholesale and retail trade; Processing Industry; Information and Communication; Professional Activity, Scientific and Technical

Effective Ownership

51.00% owned by PT Archi Indonesia Tbk

One of the largest

Integrated pure-play gold producers

in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Established in 2019, PT Elang Mulia Abadi Sempurna (EMAS), 51.00%-owned JV company between PT Archi Indonesia Tbk and PT Royal Raffles Capital, focuses to penetrate the downstream market through selling gold minted bar products to retail consumers.

EMAS introduces “Emas Merah Putih” as its brand with 99.99% SNI certified with product range from 0.5 gr, 1 gr, 5 gr, 10 gr, 25 gr, 50 gr and 100 gr of gold minted bar, equipped with third party software to enable customers to trace the originality of the gold product MSM and TTN gold mining concession.

EMAS also established a nationwide marketing network with competitive buy back guarantee to ensure the customer to get the most comfort of our product, including through Pegadaian, Galeri 24, Tokopedia, Orori, IndoGold, LakuEmas, and Lino & Sons (local gold jewelry store) in Indonesia.

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