Social & Culture

Archi upholds social and cultural values, especially in the operation area:

Worship facilities and/or infrastructure and Religious Relations

Archi always provides assistance for the construction of worship facilities and / or infrastructure in our mining operations area and actively participates in supporting celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Christmas holidays in the surrounding villages.

Emergency Response Team

Indonesia is located on the Australian, Eurasian, Pacific and Pacific Ring of Fire. It makes natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions frequently occur. Archi through the “Toka Tindung Emergency Response Team” in collaboration with ESDM and SAR has actively participated in post-earthquake and tsunami relief in several areas such as Lombok, Palu and Banten. The Emergency Response Team also actively participated in local disasters relief, such as flood in North Sulawesi province.

Preservation of local culture and wisdom

  • Tourism
    Archi always supports the growth of local tourism such as Tulude Events celebration, traditional activities carried out by coastal communities from the Sangihe & Talaud Islands to ask for blessings and reject bad luck at the beginning of the year.
  • Donation
    Archi always distributes assistance to community members in need, such as those afflicted by grief, orphans and elderly people who live around the mining area. Archi hopes the donation can lighten the burden of families left behind.