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January 16th, 2023

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  • Initiate and lead the mining work health and safety committee meeting for mobile maintenance team (employees or contractors) to identify risks and remedial measures needed to minimize work accidents
  • Make budget planning on repairs and maintenance of company operations supporting equipment (vehicles, heavy equipment, and other equipment)
  • Control and analyse the use of spare parts and team performance improvement
  • Make sure all equipment and work gear for repairs are always available and maintained
  • Make sure that the repair and maintenance schedule is available and is carried out well
  • Participate in planning with the maintenance department and the shutdown plan so that all works are scheduled and performed well
  • Make sure that the mobile maintenance team has an effective and productive work schedule
  • Deliver training required by the team in order to perform work as per target
  • Ensure that the work done is a quality one and provide maximum support to users of heavy equipment to support company operation.
  • Periodically revise the team work schedule, make necessary planning, revise work operational standards at mobile maintenance for prime services to equipment/vehicle users
  • Ensure the availability of spare parts which in minimum is required for equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Communicate effectively with any parties related to mobile maintenance team
  • Write reports that are required for the performance frame work
  • Ensure that the work target is promoted among the team and that a periodic team work performance evaluation is done and is well-documented
  • Monitor personnel development needs both in technical or leadership for the team members
  • Assess the self-development / team competency and propose for training programs in order to improve work skills and expertise
  • Ensure all mobile maintenance activities run well without any violations against the environment as per the stipulation prevailing in mining industry


  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Min. 5 year experience as a Group Leader or Supervisor in heavy equipment / vehicle maintenance in a mining industry
  • Computer skills in all Microsoft suites including Excel, Word, MS Project or other software in mobile maintenance as well as able to operate SAP
  • Highly motivated, communicative, able to solve work problems in a creative and analytical manner
  • Able to make budget planning
  • High awareness on the implementation of mining health, safety and environment protection

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