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January 16th, 2023

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  • Initiate and lead mining work health and safety committee meeting for geology team (employees or contractors) to identify risks as well as the remedial measure that needs to be done.
  • Plan, develop and supervise the RCGC drilling program integrated with the planning of area to be mined or for development.
  • Provide and validate the 2D interpretation on grade control drilling data for geology modelling
  • Develop and provide the “3D grade control block model” data as well as the ore and waste border making
  • Assist and liaise with the FMS team in order to monitor the collecting and delivery process of ore.
  • Communicate regularly and consistently with the mine engineers and other operational sections to achieve the production target and minimize the process of ore dilution and loss.
  • Assist in promoting the geometallurgy program by providing prediction information to related parties to achieve the required target.
  • Provide cross information related to the process and reconciliation model result to related parties
  • Develop other reports required for mining operation and the required processing.


  • Bachelor degree in Geological Engineering
  • Minimum 3 year work experience as a geologist and have supervised the drilling process (RC and Diamond Drill)
  • Computer skill in all Microsoft Suites including Excel, Word and Surpac, Arcgis/QGIS for mapping and modelling
  • Capable to operate SAP or give training on the main frame maintenance package system;
  • Able to communicate well in English – oral and written;
  • POP certification will be an advantage
  • Able to demonstrate the awareness on the company culture related to safety and environment.

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