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November 08th, 2022

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  1. Review and update all reports prepared by related departments before being sent to related offices;
  2. Liaise with related departments to make sure of the technical datas for FS, RKAB, Addendum to Amdal, UKL/UPL, RR, RT, Permits, etc;
  3. Manage data of further  PPKH Exploration and OP, including preparing the land usage baseline for PNBP requirements, and Watershed Rehab technical documents;
  4. Conduct site inspection regularly to make sure the Mine Operation has complied with regulations and permits;
  5. Liaise and communicate with related offices especially on mining technical affairs, environment and forestry regarding FS, RKAB, AMDAL, RR, RPT, RE disturb, PPKH, DAS Rehab, and Permits related to operations;
  6. Conduct GIS Compliance jobs related to operations, environment and forestry;
  7. Update the regulations related to mining activities and identify obligations by the company;
  8. Identify the company obligations in permits attained and communicate them to related departments for execution;
  9. Make sure that the company implement the Good Mining Practice within its mining operational activities;
  10. All other related duties that assigned by Department.


  1. Graduated from University majoring in Forestry / Agriculture / Environment / Mining / Geology or other relevant major;
  2. Min. 5 years experience in Mining Compliance section;
  3. Comprehend the regulations related to mining activities;
  4. Accustomed to write compulsory reports to the government, and prepare documents for FS, Amdal, RKAB, etc;
  5. POM certified is an advantage;
  6. Excellent skill in Ms. Office;
  7. Have Arc GIS software skill is preferred;
  8. Good communication skill in Bahasa & English – either written & speaking;
  9. Able to drive and have a driving license (SIM A)​;
  10. Able to demonstrate the awareness of corporate safety & environmental.

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